RSSI (802.16 OFDMA)

(applies to Downlink Only)

For IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. A US-based membership organisation that includes engineers, scientists, and students in electronics and related fields. The IEEE developed the 802 series wired and wireless LAN standards. Visit the IEEE at 802.16 OFDMA, RSSI Received signal strength indication "Received Signal Strength Indicator" (dBm deciBels referenced to a milliWatt: dB relative to 1 milliwatt dissipated in the nominal input impedance of the analyzer) is a measurement of the total received power of the frame preamble associated with the active segment. RSSI is used by the subscriber station to determine the received signal level from the base station. There are three possible segments for a give preamble, this equates to a measurement of every third subcarrier, with the particular offset determined by the associated segment.

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