About Flex Frame

The Flex Frame extension (89601AYAC) for the 89600 VSA software provides a means of creating complex frames to demodulate and analyze advanced custom IQ signals.

A frame can contain a combination of flexible elements, or allocations. Each allocation can be a Preamble, Pilot, Data or an Idle period. Allocations have configurable payload PN 1) part number, or 2) packet number sequence and modulation type.

As you build the flexible frame in the Frame Definition tab, an Allocation Summary panel displays the order of each assembled frame part and allocation, and shows how the total number of symbols are distributed across the frame.

Example recordings

The 89600 VSA includes several example signals that can be used to help you learn how to use Flex Frame. The included signals are listed in the Demo and Recorded Signals topic in the Getting Started book. Specifically, see the signals in the FlexFrame folder.

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