Multiport Calibrated Measurements with Switch Instruments (S9x553B)

This application allows to provide the multi-port S parameters measurement solution with the switch matrix module.

The application software controls the calibrations and measurements for VNA and Switch matrix and gets the data from actual VNA application.

Then the measurement data is converted and transferred to a VNA viewer. The VNA viewer pretends as a multi port VNAs.

In the following example, you can make a S parameter measurement as if you work on a 16 port VNA.


Supported Switch Matrix

Up to four 2x16 PXI switch modules are supported.

Note: Only 4 or 2 port ECal is supported.  Mech cal and N756xA multiport Ecal are not supported.

Console Panel

The console panel handles the following tasks.

See Sample Measurement Procedure

VNA Viewer

The VNA viewer handles the following tasks

VNA viewer has "Keysight Network Analyzer" as the title of application.

Actual VNA Application

Actual VNA application measures the actual measurement in background and transfer the data to the VNA viewer after a conversion. It will be hidden after the console panel is launched. When you want to see the actual VNA application works, click File > Settings > Set measurement visible. Do not change any settings on it.

The VNA viewer has the product number and port as the title of application.


 On the console panel, click File > Settings to show he Settings dialog box.

Note: These settings remain after the application reboot.

Remote Control

You can control the virtual VNA (VNA Viewer) with SCPI commands for VNAs.  Use HiSLIP connection at address 30 (default).

TCPIP0::<PXI controller name pr localhost >::hislip30::INSTR.  ("hislip" is case-sensitive)

The address can be changed in the Stimulus Tab of console panel.

The *IDN? returns the product and serial numbers of VNA viewer. On the VNA viewer, click System > Help > About NA to confirm its product information.

Note: Do not send the corresponding commands whose softkey is grayed out in the VNA viewer.